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RedReed for alto saxophone is now available. Please click here!

Marmaduke Music offers high quality Hard Rubber Mouthpieces for Saxophones.


Alex Miyatake designs mouthpieces using highest quality Ebonite (Pure Rubber).

The sound is warm and deep.  If you like vintage mouthpieces sach as Otto Link Slant Signature, Meyer NY, please try Marmaduke mouthpieces. We have contemporary models as well.  You will enjoy deep subtone as well as screaming high notes without changing your setting.


Marmaduke Music distributes:

Aaron Drake, AIZEN, CE Winds, CG Mouthpiece, Ed Pillinger, Gary Sugal, MACSAX, Phil Barone, Ted Klum, Theo Wanne, Consoli Ligature and Marc Jean Ligatures